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Strategic Learning and Development

People turn strategy into reality. We enable the effective execution of strategy through the provision of relevant knowledge, cutting edge skills and sustainable behaviour change.


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  • Maximising Sales Success 70%
  • Winning Bids and Tenders 50%
  • Customer Service Excellence 100%
  • Management & Leadership Development 75%
  • Organisational Culture 85%

The Xceeda Group approach:

At Xceeda Group we believe that training in its traditional, classroom led form does not work. Our approach to training design and delivery is innovative. We focus on individual learning needs as well as all 4 levels of Kirkpatrick’s Training Evaluation Model consisting of – level 1-Reaction, level 2 -Learning, level 3 -Behaviour and level 4 -Results. Our programmes are designed to be fun and engaging (level 1) whilst facilitating challenging accelerated learning (level 2). Our aim is to embed new behaviours based on the knowledge and skills gained (level 3). We believe that Results (level 4) are the most important aspect for an organisation and are directly linked to performance, impact on internal and external stakeholders and return on investment. For us, the ultimate acid test is the results evaluation which needs to clearly evidence improved performance and its impact in the organisation.  Learn more about how we work.

overlay_imageAs employers and trainers we face some key challenges with regard to developing people for improved performance.


  1. How can we be sure that ‘training & development’ is the right thing to do and will have the required impact resulting in sustainable behaviour change – even when we know gaps exist in knowledge, skills or behaviours?
  2. When we design an engagement programme of any kind, how can we make sure that it will be absolutely relevant to, and have significant positive impact on the role people perform in reality?
  3. How can we ensure that our interactions with people, will be effectively transferred into the workplace without dilution, so that new knowledge, skills and behaviours become fully embedded into best practice and culture?
  4. How can we track, measure and therefore evaluate the effectiveness of our interactions in both hard and soft terms?

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