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Xceeda Worldwide

How we work

We work closely with companies, teams and individuals to realise their potential, to maximise success and to exceed all expectations. The opportunity to excel is always there – the ability to make the right strategic or tactical decision is always within reach. Barriers to doing it well, doing it better than the competition, winning the deal, signing the contract, gaining agreement or commitment are always surmountable, but often advice, guidance and real help is needed.
A second pair of eyes, a dispassionate observer, an objective facilitator, an experienced coach can make the difference, can remove the obstacle, can break the deadlock or open up channels of communication, maybe even simply confirm that a proposed course of action is the right one.
The solutions are driven by shared expertise, effective communication and common sense and we’ll achieve them together.
We’ll work tirelessly once engaged and we’ll routinely go beyond the terms of the contract we’ve signed.

Our approach is simple

  • Exploration – Early discussions to establish if we could potentially be of assistance. E-mail exchanges, telephone calls, face to face meetings as required.
  • Discovery – Thorough fact-finding to make sure we fully understand the issues and opportunities. We’ll ask challenging questions in relevant areas and pro-actively listen.
  • Analysis – We’ll engage with key stakeholders and participants to analyse, test and enrich our understanding. We may conduct some triangulation testing at this point.
  • Objectives – We’ll use everything we’ve learned and all intelligence we’ve gathered to establish and agree SMART objectives and desired outcomes.
  • Solution – We’ll design, propose and agree the solution to meet and exceed the agreed objectives. We’ll include all the information you would expect like when, where, what, how, who, price, logistics, SLA’s, KPI’s, feedback, review and evaluation processes.
  • Evanluation – We’ll gather feedback, and follow through with agreed evaluation methods to achieve measurement against agreed objectives . We’ll focus on return on investment (ROI) measurement against your monetary goals.

We work with people. We work for people.

Xceeda Group offers credibility, experience, realism and no false promises. We provide support and performance coaching for people hungry for success and willing to learn and develop. The important part is how!