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Effective Approach

How we work

We work closely with companies, teams and individuals to realise their potential, to maximise success and to exceed all expectations. The opportunity to excel is always there – the ability to make the right strategic or tactical decision is always within reach. Barriers to doing it well, doing it better than the competition, winning the deal, signing the contract, gaining agreement or commitment are always surmountable, but often advice, guidance and real help is needed.

Solutions to fit any scenario

1. How can we be sure that ‘training & development’ is the right thing to do and will have the required impact resulting in sustainable behaviour change - even when we know gaps exist in knowledge, skills or behaviours?
We seek to understand everything about your business and your people and work closely with you to establish where the opportunities exist to improve performance and how best to achieve it. We then propose a relevant and focused engagement programme aligned to your specific objectives. A project approach is often relevant, 121 coaching has huge impact on individuals, forums and clinics feel very different from training and people truly engage when they are consulted and involved in the plans.
2. When we design an engagement programme of any kind, how can we make sure that it will be absolutely relevant to, and have significant positive impact on the role people perform in reality?
We dig deep into the organisational structure, the culture and the realities within your business so that we work with the right people, at the right levels, on the right subject areas and in the right way. Classroom based training might be a part of our engagement, but it might not. Our energy could be focused in the workplace, working with managers, supervisors, team leaders, coaches, mentors and team players at all levels. We believe in the concept of ‘reverse engineering’ from current workplace realities back through to best practice. The gap between the two is where relevance is achieved and where our expertise comes into play.
3. How can we ensure that our interactions with people, will be effectively transferred into the workplace without dilution, so that new knowledge, skills and behaviours become fully embedded into best practice and culture?
To ensure effective, impactful and undiluted transfer into the workplace, we do something very different – we start in the workplace with the workers and we stay with them until we fully understand their roles – how they currently are and how they should be – current practice versus best practice. We soak up all of the realities of the immediate and wider surroundings so that we consider all enablers and constraints. We then work upwards through any team leader, supervisor or manager levels to gain a clear understanding of how effective transfer can be achieved and sustained. We focus on what needs to happen before any training & development activity, and what needs to happen afterwards. We ensure that a framework is agreed and established for ongoing support for new skills and behaviours – we conduct ‘train the trainer’ activity where required, we coach managers to coach their people and we provide guides, templates, checklists and other tools to facilitate easy reference and refresher activity.
4. How can we track, measure and therefore evaluate the effectiveness of our interactions in both hard and soft terms?
Right from the initial engagement we put return on investment via effective evaluation (ROIEE) at the top of the agenda, and we keep it there until the final evaluation period expires. We push for the full involvement of multiple stakeholders and we make sure we establish hard and soft success criteria from every viewpoint – including hard (monetary) and soft (behavioural) ROIEE data. We then manage the tracking, measuring and reporting all the way through until you are happy we can close it off.

We work with people. We work for people

Xceeda Group offers credibility, experience, realism and no false promises. We provide support and performance coaching for people hungry for success and willing to learn and develop. The important part is how!