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Leadership and Management

The ability to adapt in today’s dynamic economic environment is crucial. Adaptation to this constant change requires cutting edge skills. Many employees get promoted to supervisory and managerial positions without relevant training and development. Nothing can help an organisation succeed as much as a skilled sales, management and leadership team.
Focus is shifting from framing leadership within the individual traits of a particular personality, or as the characteristics attached to a particular role or position, towards leadership as a collective set of behaviours and processes concerned with mobilising action towards common goals. New thinking positions leadership as a dynamic, interactive process taking place within a group, or across a network of functions, or a diverse set of stakeholders.Our approach is to strengthen fundamental best practice whilst challenging tradition and convention wherever possible to achieve outstanding results.


Best practice skills, behaviors and approaches in selling require constant review, evaluation and flexing to meet the demands of an ever changing commercial playground. Potential customers can research solutions and opportunities more easily than ever before and this makes it harder than ever for sales people to add value and to differentiate their offering. The challenge is therefore clear… sales people must focus on positioning themselves and their ‘value add’ with as much skill and attention to detail as they apply to their products or services. Differentiation, and the resultant success can come from attention to the tiniest detail, the smallest possible marginal gain, one or two percentage points in performance terms when compared to the competition. Trusted Advisor is a popular term, but it sounds passive – consultative selling is anything but passive but must be handled with absolute care. It deserves study, practice, evaluation and innovation so that real differentiation for competitive advantage can come just as strongly from the individual as from the product or organization.
Our approach is to ensure that fundamental, proven skills & behaviours are in place so that we can move on to focus on opportunities for marginal gain, real differentiation and sales success.

Customer Service Excellence

Effective leadership, focused on people and culture, builds and sustains an environment in which everyone understands how excellent customer service provides sustainable competitive advantage. All organizations serve somebody and in all situations, leaders, managers and supervisors set the tone of the workplace, which in turn affects the “feel” of the workplace and its service ethic far more than their professional and personal attributes. Disengaged staff will deliver poor quality service, damaging the reputation of the organization. As competition intensifies and profit margins reduce, fully engaged staff is they key to the delivery of customer service excellence.
Our approach is a top to bottom, bottom to top evaluation through moments of truth analysis, mystery shopping and the use of professional actors to establish and act upon any opportunities to fully exploit opportunities for improvement.

Examples of Xceeda Group Open Programmes Topics:

  • Introduction to Leadership and Management
  • Effective Coaching and Mentoring
  • Powerful Negotiator
  • Fundamental Selling Skills
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Finance for Non Financial Managers
  • Effective Communication
  • Managing Change and Organisational Development
  • Leadership – Emotional Intelligence and Personal Impact
  • Managing for Performance
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Train the Trainer
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Consultative Selling, The Approach and Application
  • The Power of Networks – Effective Networking Skills
  • Managing Your Personal Brand
  • Quality Management

Examples of Xceeda Group Accredited Courses:

  • ILM Level 3 Leadership and Management – Award, Certificate or Diploma
  • ILM Level 5 Leadership and Management – Award, Certificate or Diploma

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