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Xceeda Group Outsourced Learning Management

The increasing pressure on HR and learning & development functions to reduce costs whilst providing growing levels of support can result in people being over-stretched and unable to deliver a quality service in some key areas. In simple terms, something has to give, and it is often in the area of a strategic approach to developing skills and improving performance within an overall talent management function.

Why not outsource your learning management to Xceeda Group?

Working with us as your outsourced provider gives you a refreshing partner who will keep things agile, simple, engaging and current. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we constantly develop and improve our approach to learning and the supporting content library. We regularly review and upgrade all delivery methods to suit the preferences and working patterns of your learners. This way we can quickly and affordably provide relevant solutions which fully align to individual, team and organisational objectives.

You’ll find below and indicative list of the scope of learning management outsourcing services we
can provide. You’ll note that we can provide a fully “end-to-end” service, or simply provide specific
services to fill the gaps in your current resources or capabilities:

  • Recruitment interview processes and skills
  • Design and management of assessment centre activities and exercises
  • Candidate relationship management
  • The use of psychometric assessment tools
  • Processes and best practices for induction and on-boarding periods
  • Assessment of learning and development needs
  • Design and build of tailored workshops, courses and longer programmes
  • The provision of accredited learning routes and programmes
  • Learning assessment and evaluation against ‘return on investment’ targets and goals
  • Learning co-ordination and administrative support including reporting and record keeping
  • Train the Trainer initiatives

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