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Xceeda Group Consultancy

Through our consultancy we work closely with organisations to help them exploit opportunities, resolve issues, develop skills and improve performance levels. We immerse ourselves in the day-to-day and strategic business to determine objectives, strategies and tactics so that we can expose pain points or opportunity windows through which to secure competitive advantage.

Our consultancy typically follows the following process:

  1. Exploration – Early discussions to find out the initial information. E-mail exchanges, telephone calls, face to face meetings as required.
  2. Discovery – Thorough fact-finding to make sure we fully understand the issues and opportunities. We’ll ask challenging questions in relevant areas and pro-actively listen.
  3. Analysis – We’ll engage with key stakeholders to analyse, test and enrich our understanding. We may conduct some triangulation testing at this point.
  4. Objectives – We’ll use everything we’ve learned and all intelligence we’ve gathered to establish and agree SMART objectives and desired outcomes.
  5. Solution – We’ll design, propose and agree the solution to meet and exceed your desired objectives. We’ll include all the important details, for example consultants’ or trainers’ profiles, price,  duration, logistics, SLA’s, KPI’s, feedback, review and evaluation processes.
  6. Evaluation – We’ll gather feedback, and follow through with agreed evaluation methods to achieve measurement against agreed objectives . We’ll focus on return on investment (ROI) measurement against your monetary goals.

Our experience in learning and development is that ‘training’ is not always the best solution. We encourage our clients to take a step back to appreciate a holistic view of the situation using our consultancy services. After a thorough analysis we can embark on a journey towards the best possible outcome. This approach results in laser-like focus on transfer to the workplace, sustainability and ultimately, return on investment.

Our expert consultants can support you in the following areas:

  • Strategy planning and implementation
  • Organisational change
  • Organisational development
  • Culture
  • HR management
  • Effective Communication
  • Sales Performance
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Leadership and Management
  • Quality Management

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