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Social Media and Business – An Introduction

18 Mar 2017

Social Media and Business – An Introduction

Posted by:admin


Most business owners and marketers are aware of social media’s influence on their business. While some drive sales and advertisements through social media channels, others don’t think about why social media is so valuable.

Things like brand awareness and follower engagement are a good start, but they don’t cover what makes social media marketing important.

Social media and more importantly the content has the ability to make people act positively to business owners. Updating social media pages with current trends can allow a business to interact with individuals almost irrelevant to their services. However, this is a form of networking and word of mouth still drives many businesses.

Social media is prevalent and meaningful for all demographics regardless of age and race. The variation of demographics range from how much those individuals use the internet to what kind of devices they use and even look for information for.

With social media an important factor it’s important to understand your followers before increasing interaction. Begin to understand which days of the week and times are best to post for your target demographic. Using the famed ‘#’ hashtag for current events will drive traffic to your social media pages. Promoting your own posts as well as those of active followers will enable you to build a strong network of social media buddies.

The impact of social media is not something business owners can offer to overlook. While business owners can’t make customers use social media, they can influence the kinds of things any social media user would want to invest in. Encouraging interaction can only positively impact your business. You have so much to be gained through online networks.

Just remember – keep your political opinions to yourself and ensure content is suitable for all audiences.

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