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Executive Coaching Lessons: Leaders, Manage Yourselves!

03 Apr 2017

Executive Coaching Lessons: Leaders, Manage Yourselves!

Posted by:Sehrish Raza


Executive Coaching Xceeda Group

You are the leader. You set the tone, the pace and the direction. During times of uncertainty, or when your team or the organisation are going through a period of change, the key thing you need to recognise is your own impact on key stakeholders and especially the team of people closest to you. Everyone is waiting for, and quite rightfully expecting your guidance and a clear lead. Every action you take will influence the climate in which important work will happen, and might also shape organisational culture, positively or negatively.

Managing yourself is therefore a number one priority for you as an effective leader. It allows you to make the correct choice of action, promote the correct behaviours within your organisation and nurture a productive culture, enabling your team to achieve tactical goals and objectives whilst gaining confidence to share more strategic and innovative thinking with you.

Through our extensive executive coaching work we have witnessed three key effective leadership behaviours, so I would like to share these with you so that you can “power up” your people and the organisation:

1.  Stay authentic

Effective leadership thrives on authenticity. Stay authentic even in challenging times and offer well thought out and genuine support to your team. Authenticity builds trust. Trust creates a positive working environment and employee engagement. If you “put on” a positive facade it will not be sustainable and people will soon see through it.

2. Master your own thoughts

Master your own thoughts to positively influence your moods and behaviours. Deal openly with challenges and always look for opportunities. Find a way to benefit from any situation and accept the fact that we do not always have control over everything.

3. Work-life balance

Maintain a healthy work-life balance incorporating mindfulness practice. Proactively manage your stress and ensure your overall health and wellbeing. Leaders who fail to do so often portray some volatile behaviours and loose the support of their teams because of it.

Ready to take the next step to manage yourself? Get in touch to find out more about our executive coaching offering.

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