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Xceeda Group E-Coaching

We offer all the benefits of our executive coaching package without the hassle of travel. In fact, we can virtually connect with you to just about anywhere. Our clients are based all over the world and this flexible approach of coaching via Skype, Webex or your platform of choice means that we can still share a valuable content with you whilst working on your goals.
Join one of our executive coaching programmes and you will benefit from focused, personalised and well structured support to help you to perform at your maximum potential, exceed expectations and ultimately, achieve your personal and corporate goals. Our coaching clients routinely confirm that they have managed to achieve outstanding results with the help of our expert coaches. Here are some examples of benefits of our coaching service:

Individual Benefits

  • Improved Self-Awareness
  • Fast-track leadership development
  • Better decision-making
  • Self-driven development planning
  • Enhanced strategic planning skills
  • Confidence building
  • Ability to inspire and motivate others
  • Awareness of perspectives and attitudes
  • Gaining clarity
  • Third party moderation
  • Improved communication

Organisational Benefits

  • Increased productivity, morale and satisfaction
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Strong commitment
  • Improved retention
  • Breakthrough in individual and group performance
  • Increased profit levels through increased performance
  • Positive impact on organisational culture
  • Effective communication

What do our client say about our coaching services?

“I have started my coaching programme with Xceeda Group 6 months ago, originally to prepare me for the next stage of my career. Initially we worked extensively on my personal strategy plan and I have developed a lot of skills along the way, including the ability to communicate effectively at all levels and to inspire my colleagues and lead from the front. I am more confident than ever before and recently delivered my first key note speech to the audience of 180 professionals. I am delighted about the results and I look forward to the future with Xceeda coaching.“
Amanda HR Director
“I was originally offered the opportunity to have a coach by my line manager. I didn’t think I needed a coach and so I agreed to a chemistry meeting with Xceeda Group. I thoroughly enjoyed the first session, in fact, I committed to 6 coaching session straight away. I specifically enjoy being challenged and the support I am getting from my expert coach is excellent. I had my annual review recently and I received some amazing feedback around the commitment, motivation levels and the quality of my work and I must say, that I would not be able to do this without my coach. “
Stuart Sales Director
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